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    Services Offered at EyeCare Plus in Amarillo, TX

    optometry clinic

    Here at EyeCare Plus, we pride ourselves in offering you the highest level of eye and vision care, all in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Whether you're in need of a routine eye exam or something a little more in-depth, our experienced team of eye care professionals is here to help. We strive to be your one-stop-shop for all your eye care needs, providing a wide array of services that you and your family may need.

    Types of Services Available at Our Amarillo EyeCare Center

    Comprehensive Eye Exams- Are you in need of your annual eye exam? We've got you covered. With our comprehensive eye exams, we'll be on the lookout for any signs of potential ocular problems or diseases, conducting any additional testing necessary. Furthermore, we'll make sure your prescription is up-to-date so your vision as sharp as possible.

    Contact Lenses Examinations With so many choices it can be daunting to know which contact lens may be right for your visual needs. Whether you are current contact lens patient or would like to try contact lenses for the first time, let our team of doctors and staff guide you to the best choice for your life.

    LASIK Consultations- Thinking about corrective LASIK surgery to improve your eyesight without the need for glasses or contacts? Schedule an appointment with us first. We'll be able to conduct an evaluation to determine whether or not you're a viable candidate for the procedure. From there, we can provide you with a referral to a local professional to have the procedure done, working with your surgeon to offer you the best post-operative care as well.

    Eye Disease/Syndrome Evaluations- Eye diseases and other ocular conditions can manifest themselves at any time, but many are common among seniors over the age of 60. Glaucoma, cataracts, and dry eye are all common eye conditions that we diagnose, treat, and manage right here in our office. Regular visits to your Amarillo eye doctor are recommended to catch signs of these problems and treat them before they become a major hindrance to your life.

    Children's Vision Screenings- 80% of a child's learning occurs through vision. As a child develops so does their vision and sometimes, they change at a rapid rate, which is why an American Optometric Association recommends their first eye exam by the age of 3. School screening can miss many things that a vision exam can detect. If your child has not had a vision exam this year, be sure to schedule one before the school year starts.

    Myopia control Myopia Control allows us to keep nearsighted prescriptions from jumping year to year. There are several ways to slow down the progression of Myopia including Corneal reshaping Technique, Soft Multifocal Contacts and certain types of eyedrops. Our doctors will be able to guide you to the best option or options for your child.

    Corneal Reshaping Technique - Also Known as Ortho -k is a technique that uses Gas permeable (hard) contact lenses overnight to help correct nearsightedness temporarily so during the day patients do not need to wear any corrective eyewear to have a comfortable vision. It is the modality recommended for Myopia control, but adults love it to get freedom for contacts and glasses. It is non-invasive and completely reversible.

    Dry Eye- Dry eye disease can be a multifactorial problem that may come as annoying symptoms to dramatically affect your day to day functioning. Several factors can affect Dry Eyes from medications to a certain disease process such as Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Our doctors are able to diagnose Dry Eye at different stages and guide you to the most effective treatments for you.

    More Services for Your Amarillo Eye Care Needs- In addition to the above eye Amarillo eye care services; there are a number of other services we're proud to provide our patients, including:

    • Eye infection treatment
    • Low vision exams
    • Corneal reshaping therapy
    • Macular degeneration screening