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  • Top Warning Signs That Your Child May Have a Vision Problem

    Top Warning Signs That Your Child May Have a Vision Problem

    If your child struggles in school, it may be due to a vision problem. Not being able to see the teacher or board properly can cause frustration which can reflect in their schoolwork. Many vision problems can go undetected, but there are some warning signs that could indicate it may be time for your child to see a children's eye doctor.



    If you notice that your child wrinkles their face or eyes, it may be a sign of a vision problem. Squinting helps improve the vision for a few moments because it changes the shape of the eye temporarily. Squinting is sort of like looking through a small opening. It reduces the size of the shape on the back of the retina, which can help a child focus on the object better.


    Head Tilting

    Sometimes, a child might tilt their head to make up for misaligned eyes which may be a sign that the eye muscles are imbalanced. It can also be a sign of lazy eye. Yet another reason for head tilting can be ptosis, a condition that causes the upper eyelid to droop in the line of vision. When your child tilts their head, it enables them to see past the eyelid.

    Double vision is another reason for head tilting. For example, looking in a certain direction or looking down can cause double vision when there is an eye problem. When your child tilts their head, the double vision will be minimized.


    Losing Their Place While Reading

    You should have your child read aloud to you every now and then. When you hear your child read to you, it can help to identify possible vision issues. For example, if your child has a hard time keeping their place while reading, it can be a sign of astigmatism. Skipping lines may also be a sign of strabismus or poor eye muscle control.


    Covering One Eye

    If your child is constantly covering one eye, it may be because that eye has poorer vision than the other. By covering that eye, it will not interfere with their vision. However, if a child has a vision problem in one eye, it can be a sign of amblyopia, or lazy eye. It may also be a sign of double vision or a more serious medical problem called a cataract.


    Rubbing the Eyes

    Many times, children rub their eyes when they are starting to get sleepy. However, it can also be a sign of an eye problem such as eye fatigue or allergic conjunctivitis, which if not treated by a pediatric eye doctor can cause a number of different eye problems for your child.


    If you have noticed any of these warning signs in your child, call Eye Care Plus in Amarillo, TX, at 806-304-0900 today for more information or to make an appointment.