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  • Top Reasons Why Annual Eye Exams are So Important

    Top Reasons Why Annual Eye Exams are So Important

    As we enter into a new year, it’s time to make your health a priority. While you may be scheduling your yearly physical, don’t forget to add your annual eye exam to the list. You may assume that your vision is in proper working order, but eye exams go well beyond just making sure that your vision isn’t blurry. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons that annual eye exams should be a priority this year.

    While you may not think that you have any vision concerns, please understand that an eye exam goes farther than simply making sure you can see. It also ensures that you aren’t experiencing any early signs of eye diseases or other health problems.


    Children May Not Identify Issues on Their Own


    One of the most important reasons for an eye exam rests with our youngest patients. Kids aren’t always “body aware” so they may actually have a problem and not even notice it for quite some time. Children who have poor vision have a tendency to perform poorly in school. Plus, you should consider that kids today are spending much more time on screens than previous generations. It’s just a good idea to get those annual eye exams to make sure that your children’s vision is at its best.


    Vision Screenings Aren’t Enough


    We hear it time and time again that patients have already had their vision screened, so they don’t think an eye exam is necessary. Wrong! A vision screening is not as thorough and will not pick up on slight problems. A vision screening that you get at the DMV or place of employment is designed to weed out serious vision issues, but will not likely pick up on the onset of a visual change as an eye exam will.


    Glaucoma is Difficult to Detect


    Glaucoma is one of the most significant issues that can easily go undetected without a proper eye exam. Oftentimes, there are no symptoms associated with the disease. Unfortunately, most people who fail to get eye exams and contract the disease will only learn of it once they lose their vision. Early detection is key to getting a handle on glaucoma. A routine vision screening will not detect it.


    Annual Eye Exams Can Detect Other Issues


    Eye exams not only ensure that your vision is in proper order, but it can also be the first step in detecting other severe conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. During an eye exam, the doctor can get a good look at the blood vessels in the eye, which can hold a lot of useful information about a patient’s overall health.


    Peace of Mind


    Another advantage of having an annual eye exam is the peace of mind that you get from simply knowing the status of your eyes. You can rest easy in knowing that your eyes are healthy and you have nothing to worry about!




    Have you been putting off your annual eye exam? Let’s change that! Please contact us at Eye Care Plus to schedule your next visit. We’re ready to help you take that first step toward quality eye health. Call our office in Amarillo, TX today to learn more.