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    Eyeglasses That Provide Sight-Saving Protection

    We associate having fun in the great outdoors with high spirits, happiness, and health, but where your eyes are concerned, the sun's rays are more likely to harm than to help. Ultraviolet radiation, or UV, is a known factor in many eye diseases and disorders. Not only do sunglasses block the painful glare from the visible spectrum, but the right kinds of sunglasses can also shield your eyes from UV's dangers. Your whole family can enjoy the sun with confidence when you get UV-blocking sunglasses with non-prescription or prescription lenses from either optometrist at EyeCare Plus, Dr. Pathapati or Dr. Jentzen.

    Why Your Eye Care Strategy Should Include Sunglasses

    Earth's atmosphere receives three different frequency ranges of UV radiation -- UVC, which never actually reaches us on the ground, as well as UVA and UVB, which broad-spectrum sunscreens try their hardest to block. When your eyes are exposed to continuous or excessive degrees of UVA and UVB radiation, serious consequences can occur. Short-term effects may include irritations such as photokeratitis ("snow blindness"), in which the eye is effectively sunburned by the radiation. Cataracts are typically produced by long-term UV exposure, and the more UV your eyes receive, the shorter that long term may be. UV has also been connected with the development of macular degeneration later in life. Last but certainly not least, your eyelid skin may develop cancer, including potentially fatal melanoma.

    Clearly, you must protect your eyes against ultraviolet radiation. While many everyday eyeglasses contain lens materials and coatings that can perform this function, most people who spend lots of time outdoors choose dark-tinted sunglasses. But don't assume that your super-dark sunglasses are automatically filtering out UV as well as visible light. Generic sunglasses may provide relief from the sun without doing anything about your eye's exposure to dangerous radiation.

    Prescription Lenses, Polarization, and Other Sunglass Options

    To ensure that your sunglasses are really protecting you, turn to either optometrist at EyeCare Plus. We can administer an updated eye exam to make sure your sunglasses are giving you the most accurate vision correction possible; we're also happy to provide non-prescription sunglasses. Either way, you can rest assured that your sunglasses are rated "UV 400," screening out all radiation up to 400 nanometers (the ultraviolet range). The fact that we carry a wide range of styles from the world's leading designers is a delightful bonus.

    We can add other eye care extras to your sunglasses as well. For example, many fishermen, skiers, drivers and others who struggle with reflected glare will want to get polarized sunglasses. Polarization specifically filters out the visible light that bounces upward from sand, snow, roadways and water surfaces. Our eye doctor can help you select the ideal options as you create your ideal sunglasses!