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  • Sun Protection Before the Summer Hits

    Sun Protection Before the Summer Hits

    It’s almost summer here in the U.S. and everybody knows what that means: exposure to the sun. Even if you are not planning on hitting the beach this summer, it’s still a good idea to start packing some extra protection against that blazing sun.

    Summers Are Getting Hotter

    According to Climate Central, a US-based research organization dedicated to the study of climate change, summer days all across the United States have gotten significantly hotter over the past three decades. The ozone layer is getting thinner, and more of the sun’s heat and ultraviolet light are getting through. It’s not just getting hotter — people today are exposed to more ultraviolet light than ever before.

    More UV Means Higher Risk of Eye Damage

    While sunlight is what keeps everyone on Earth happy, healthy, and alive, it also comes with some danger. The ultraviolet light coming from the sun can cause damage to both your skin and your eyes. Unprotected exposure to UV can have a variety of short-term to long-lasting effects, like photokeratitis, macular degeneration (which often leads to blindness in old age), and even cataracts. What’s worse is the fact that ultraviolet light is almost unavoidable — it comes directly from the sun, but it also bounces off surfaces and can cause damage even if the UV rays are coming from reflections off water, sand, or even the ground you walk on.

    How to Protect Your Eyes From Harmful UV

    Just like how people developed sunblock to protect their skin from harmful ultraviolet rays, there are also ways to keep your eyes safe and unharmed, even when exposed to harsh sunlight. Glasses and sunglasses with UV-protected lenses do a great job of blocking out harmful ultraviolet light. It might also be a good idea to outfit children with ultraviolet protection, especially since they typically spend the most amount of time in the sun.

    Other Benefits of UV-Protected Lenses

    Getting ultraviolet protection for your eyes doesn’t just benefit you when you go out in the sun. UV protection keeps your eyes safe from other forms of radiation as well and helps to reduce overall eye strain and fatigue. Another advantage of UV coating applied to specialized lenses is that it helps absorb blue light to keep your eyes protected from both the sun and the notorious HEV radiation emitted by digital screens.

    Brace yourself for that hot summer sun, and visit EyeCare Plus, your first choice in eye care in Amarillo, Texas. Our talented team of optometrists can help you get the perfect pair of UV-protected eyewear to keep your eyes safe and healthy all summer long. We also have a wide range of specialty services, including eye examinations, evaluations, and consultations, so drop on by for any and all of your eye-related needs. Our offices are open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Monday through Friday, so give us a call at 806-304-0900 and schedule an appointment now.