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    Pediatric Eye Care

    Children's Vision Screening

    Good vision is one of the most important factors in children's well-being. It's crucial for success in school, and even for general physical development. Babies and young children don't have fully formed vision systems, and for the brain's vision center to develop normally, they need equal input from both eyes.

    Abnormal development can result in serious vision and learning problems, but most of them can be treated effectively if diagnosed early in a child's life. At EyeCare Plus we recommend multiple vision screenings in the years before a child starts school, to allow our eye doctor the opportunity to check for and treat any vision problems your child may be experiencing.

    Our Pediatric Eye Exam Schedule

    Your child's eyes will begin to develop as soon as it's born and will continue to develop through childhood. It's important to have an optometrist check your child's eyes on a regular basis, to make sure they're developing correctly. That's why we recommend a pediatric eye exam at certain intervals in your child's development.

    • Newborn - A pediatrician or other trained health professional should examine your newborn's eyes. They should perform a red reflex test, which is a basic test to determine that the eyes are normal.
    • Infant - The second test for normal eyesight should be done between six and twelve months of age. This can be done by the family pediatrician.
    • Preschool - Children should have their visual acuity tested at around three years of age. This test can determine whether the child can see normally at far, middle, and close distances. If problems such as lazy eye or refractive errors show up, now is the best time to begin correcting them.
    • School age - All children should be checked for visual acuity right before starting school. The most common problem with children of this age is nearsightedness, and it can be easily corrected with eyeglasses.

    Pediatric Eye Care: Vision Screening vs. Eye Exam

    in most cases, a vision screening is all your child needs to make sure his eyesight is normal and developing correctly. If a vision screening shows a problem, our eye doctor near Amarillo will want to give your child a thorough eye examination. This often includes eye drops to dilate the pupil and a more thorough look at your child's visual system. This is common with children who have been complaining about not being able to see at school, as well as those with a family history of vision correction.

    Looking for a Children's Eye Doctor? Contact Eye Care Plus Today!

    Your child's eye development is crucial in helping them to succeed in school as well as for general well-being. Our caring team wants to be a part of your child's health care experience. If it's time for your child to have their next vision screening, contactour office today at 806-358-3594 to make an appointment.