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    Myopia Contro​​​​​​​l

    kid with myopia

    Myopia is the current leading cause of permanent blindness worldwide. The prevalence of myopia in people ages 12-54 in the US has nearly doubled in the last 30 years to 42%. High myopic prescriptions put patients at an increased risk of Pathological Myopia: a host of conditions that are caused by the excessive elongation of the myopic eye.

    · Glaucoma

    · Early Cataracts

    · Macular Edema

    · Retinal Detachment

    · Choroidal Neovascularization

    · Decreased candidacy and increased the difficulty of refractive surgery (LASIK, PRK, etc.)

    What is Myopia Control?

    Medical techniques used to reduce the amount of nearsighted glasses prescription a child or adolescent will develop by adulthood.

    How do we slow down myopia progression?

    Bifocal glasses, sometimes coupled with base-in prisms, can be effective. However, getting children to wear, use appropriately, and keep up with these bifocals can often prove difficult.

    Anticholinergic eye drops such as Atropine have shown significant benefits as well, but potentially come along with some side effects like light sensitivity, and blurred vision at near. These are reduced with lower concentrations of the medications and have been shown to help decrease Myopic Progression.

    Multifocal Contact Lenses Center-Distance design Multifocal contacts are effective, safe, affordable, and easy to learn treatment that is a great option for our progressing myopes.


    · Specially designed reverse-geometry medical devices

    · Worn overnight like a “retainer for the eyes” so that no corrective lenses are needed during daytime hours

    · Reshape corneas gently so that patients wake with clear vision the following morning

    · Customized high-oxygen contact lenses provide a correction that is temporary and can be discontinued at any point without permanent effects to the eyes

    Orthokeratology has many peer-reviewed, randomized studies showing it to slow the progression of myopia in children unto 80-85%. The effects of corneal reshaping are dramatic, last all day and free patients from issues with glasses or regular contact lenses for performing the activities they love.

    The future holds many promising new myopia prevention methods that are currently being researched. Here at EyeCare Plus, we make it our duty to ensure that our patients always have access to the best and newest treatments available.

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