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  • Eye Trauma: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

    Eye Trauma: Signs, Symptoms, and Treatment

    The eye is a very sensitive body part. The eyelid, eyelashes, and a bony orbit protect it. Unfortunately, these are not enough to protect it in some instances. An eye injury can occur in many setups. It can occur indoors and outdoors, while a person is working or playing, or when simply lying around.

    Eye injuries can range from a minor and simple injury, such as getting soap into the eye, to catastrophic damage that results in loss of vision. Eye trauma occurs when the eye has been hit severely by a blunt or sharp object or exposed to a harmful substance, such as a toxic chemical. Eye traumas do not only involve injury to the eye. If the eyelid and globe are injured with or without injury to the eye, then the person also has eye trauma.

    Signs and Symptoms of Eye Trauma

    Different eye injuries have different symptoms. However, some symptoms are common and include:

    • Red and inflamed eye.

    • Any swelling and bruising around the eye.

    • Unusual size and shape of the eye.

    • Eye pain or a general ache around the eye region.

    • Abnormal eye movement.

    • Blurred or double vision.

    • Teary eyes.

    • Extreme twitching and muscle spasm that leads to squinting of the eye or difficulty in keeping the injured eye open.

    • Discomfort caused by the feeling of a foreign object in the eye.

    • Sensitivity to light or pain when exposed to bright light.

    • Headache.

    • Physical damage to the eye and surroundings, such as a cut.


    Treatment of Eye Trauma

    Treatment of a traumatized eye depends on the underlying injury. As earlier indicated, the eye is very sensitive; therefore, no person should attempt to treat an eye injury at home. Eye traumas need urgent medical intervention. It is okay to perform first aid on an injured eye, but you should take care not to subject the eye to further damage.

    If you ever injure your eye, do not touch, rub, or apply any pressure to the eye. The most you should do is blink several times to flush out any foreign particles. You can also use running water or saline solutions to get rid of foreign objects. Never attempt to remove an object stuck in the eye area. Once you perform the basic first aid, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible.

    Once at the hospital, doctors will begin treatment that will depend on the precise injury. Treatment can include immediate irrigation of the eye, removal of solid particles, or immobilization of the eye to avoid movement. It can also include stabilization and resuscitation of the eye and frequent monitoring of the injury. Medication may include a tetanus shot, antibiotic therapy, or surgical repair.

    Prevention of eye trauma is also very important. If a person has to perform an activity that could potentially damage the eye or cause a serious injury, he or she should use protective eyewear.

    For more information on the subject of eye trauma, you can contact us at (806) 304-0900 or visit our offices at Eye Care Plus in Amarillo, Texas.