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    Phases of Eye Exams at EyeCare Plus in Amarillo, TX

    comprehensive Amarillo eye exam consists of three primary phases:

    Eye Health - Many of the most serious and damaging eye diseases go unnoticed by the sufferer until they have already caused considerable harm and even permanent vision loss. That's why your Amarillo optometrist (Dr. Pathapati or Dr. Jentzen) examines your eyes inside and out, dilating your pupils to get the best possible view of the retina. This allows to catch problems such as diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and other hazards early enough to provide treatment. We also check the eye's internal pressure, using a technique called tonometry, to determine whether you might have glaucoma. Examination of the front of the eye can alert us to the presence of corneal diseases or cataracts.

    Eye Function - Your Amarillo optometrist will perform several tests to see how well your eyes work, both individually and as a team, to relay data to the brain. If we notice a problem, we may recommend visual therapy, corrective lenses or other helpful treatments.

    Visual Acuity - Even healthy eyes can have trouble seeing properly if they're plagued by refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism. Your Amarillo optometrist will have you read an eye chart to determine whether your vision is "20/20." If it isn't, we will calculate your ideal prescription for corrective lenses.

    In addition to the standard eye health, function and visual acuity testing recommended for most adult patients, we also offer specialized exams for population groups that might need them. Examples include our Amarillo pediatric eye exam and senior eye exam services. Your child's first Amarillo pediatric eye exam should be administered at the age of 6 months so we can confirm that the eyes are healthy and functional enough to develop normal vision and coordination -- while also checking for refractive errors that require correction in school-age kids. A senior exam may be scheduled every year or even more frequently. The senior eye exam focuses on age-related eye problems such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

    If you have a refractive error and you want to use contact lenses to correct it, you will also want to schedule an Amarillo contact lens evaluation. The Amarillo contact lens evaluation includes detailed measurements of the cornea, iris, and pupil so we can create effective, comfortable, form-fitting lenses. We will also check other aspects of your ocular health and ask about your own contact lens preferences.

    Great Amarillo Eye Care Starts With an Amarillo Eye Exam

    Take the first step toward a lifetime of ocular wellness. Contact us at 806-358-3594 to schedule an Amarillo eye exam from our skilled team!