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    COVID-19 Update


    Eyecare Plus is starting back seeing patients for Routine eye care. Thank you for your patience through the ordeal we have been all facing.

    Moving forward we are doing a few things to help streamline your visit to our office and We ask your help in this.

    Planning for your visit:

    1. Once your office visit is set up with our office, you will receive paperwork via your email to fill out which will help us prepare your examination chart before you arrive.

    Here is a link if needed for the Patient Forms:


    2. Once you arrive, text us at 806-358-3594 to let us know you are here. Please remain in your car, we will let you know when you can meet us at the door via text. You are more than welcome to wait in our waiting area, just let us know a head of time.

    3. PLEASE WEAR A MASK FOR YOUR VISIT. You will not be seen without a mask. In case you forget, you can obtain one in our office for a small fee.

    4. Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your exam time. This will allow us to see you on time. Due to social distancing and new cleaning procedures we’ve implemented, your appointment will be rescheduled if you arrive late.

    5. Due to limitations in the number of people that are physically in the office at one time, we ask that you come to the appointment alone unless you need assistance.

    6. Upon entering the office, you will be given a hand sanitizer.

    7. We, unfortunately, we had to put our coffee away for a while, so please enjoy your beverage before coming to the office.

    What we are doing in our office to keep you safe:

    1. Following strict CDC and WHO and American Optometric Association guidelines: All Doctors and staff will have face masks and face shields during your exam. Sanitizing our equipment, rooms, and common areas.

    2. Staff will have temperatures checked daily before starting work.

    3. Glasses are being carefully sanitized after patients touch them.

    4. Offering touchless payment options

    5. Drive through for contact lens pickups.

    6. Offering concierge appointments to pick out glasses.

    7. Limiting the number of people in the office, spacing appointments further out, to keep social distancing