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    Digital Eye Strain

    Symptoms of Computer Vision

    The damage that digital monitors place on the eyes is called computer vision. Recognizing the symptoms of computer vision is an important first step. If you spend more than two hours using digital screens each day, you may have symptoms such as:

    • Blurred vision
    • Headaches
    • Eye strain
    • Eye discomfort
    • Neck and/or shoulder pain
    • Dry and scratchy eyes

    These symptoms can range from mild to severe. They can lead to long-term vision problems if left untreated. Let Dr. Pathapati and Dr. Jentzen provide you with help.

    How Our Eye Care Team Treats Blue Light or Computer Vision

    Often the result of damage from the blue light coming from digital monitors, computer vision requires treatment. Our first step will be to provide a thorough examination of your eye structure and eye health. We will then test your vision. As a key component of our eye care process, we’ll talk about all types of vision concerns you have such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. If you require prescriptions to improve your vision, we’ll provide that as well.

    Among the diagnostic screenings we use are the following:

    • Visual acuity testing to determine the quality of your vision
    • Refraction testing of a potential lens that could improve your vision
    • Focus and eye coordination to tell us how well your eyes are functioning together

    With this information and measurements, we can then prescribe the proper prescription eyeglasses to help improve your eye health. We offer eyeglasses designed to help reduce the pressure and strain on your eyes when being exposed to this blue light. Our goal is to help reduce the impact of blue light so that it does not worsen your vision.

    What Else You Can Do

    While we often recommend reducing the amount of time you spend in front of your computer, it's quite necessary for many people to use their digital screens. In these cases, we’ll recommend working with the prescription glasses we’ve provided and taking these steps:

    • Keep your monitor about 20 degrees lower than your eyes and sit 28 inches way from the screen.
    • Reposition light to reduce the glare on your screen and choose natural light when you can.
    • Eye rest and blinking breaks at least every 20 minutes can help. Aim for a 15-minute break after every 2 hours of use.

    Schedule a Consultation with Our Optometrists In Amarillo Today!

    We’re here to help you. Schedule an appointment with your optometrists near Amarillo today for computer vision screening. Contact us at 806-358-3594.