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  • Children’s Vision and Right Eye Reading Tests in Amarillo, TX

    Children’s Vision and Right Eye Reading Tests in Amarillo, TX

    eye exam

    Learning to read is arguably one of the most important skills that we develop during our childhood years. In order to be able to achieve this, kids need to have a clear vision that enables them to see the shapes, letters, and words without blurring or haze. However, 20/20 vision is just a small part of the story. Learning to read also requires important skills such as eye movement efficiency, speed, and accuracy to be able to both determine the words and comprehend what they mean.

    Unfortunately, truly comprehensive reading skills have previously been overlooked in some schools, with many believing visual acuities the only influential factor that enables a child to read. This had led to disruption in learning outcomes that are often not detected until a child is significantly behind in their progress.

    Those children that are unable to read properly often start to exhibit behaviors and symptoms that are characteristic of many different learning disabilities, such as those on the autistic spectrum or dyslexia. Examples of these symptoms include the following:

    - Difficulty maintaining concentration

    - Skipping words and lines

    - Re-reading the same lines

    - Losing their place on the page easily

    - Slow reading or need to read aloud to sound out the words

    - Difficulty with word recognition

    - Letter/word reversals (similar to those seen in dyslexic patients)

    - Poor comprehension

    - An unwillingness to read

    Fortunately, there is a new and improved way of assessing reading ability in young people. It is known as the Right Eye Reading Test.

    What is the Right Eye Reading Test?

    The Right Eye Reading Test has been specially designed to enable eye doctors to differentiate eye movement issues from other reading disorders. This has resulted in earlier and more appropriate intervention for those children who are experiencing barriers to reading. In turn, this is helping children avoid the learning and behavioral challenges that are commonly associated with misdiagnosis of reading problems.

    The test encompasses nearly 100 stories, both short and long, and is available in 12 languages. Early, intermediate and advanced reading levels are also available, meaning it is possible to undertake a comprehensive assessment of your child’s reading skills irrespective of their reading level. Each test produces an instant report for parents and optometrists that enables the accurate diagnosis of reading disorders.

    Some key benefits of the Right Eye Reading Test include:

    - A 5-minute, non-invasive screening test

    - Infrared eye-tracking that enables us to see the precise movement of your child’s eyes

    - Reports that compare your child’s results to the average performance of children at their grade level

    - Quick and easy tablet/computer-based training solutions available to help your child build their reading skills

    To make sure that your child’s reading is on track, call us today to schedule your child’s Right Eye Reading Test.