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Vision Over 40

Vision Over 40 From Your Optometrist in Amarillo

At EyeCare Plus, we recommend that all patients have routine eye screenings each year. These exams allow our team to provide you with the best ability to protect your vision and eye health. As we age, our eyes change. There is an increased risk of disease and vision quality with each year. For this reason, we recommend more extensive vision screening if you are over the age of 40. When you visit your optometrist in Amarillo, you’ll quickly learn more about your current eye health and what you may be able to protect your vision long-term.

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When to See Your Amarillo Eye Doctor

As noted, annual eye exams are necessary for all people. It allows your Amarillo eye doctor to get a good idea about what is happening with your eye health and vision quality at any time. Once you reach 40, you may wish to consider more frequent visits to the optometrist, especially if you begin to notice changes in your vision or develop any pain in your eyes. When you do, we’ll provide a more thorough screening process during your eye exam to look for concerning conditions.

What Eye Diseases Will We Look for in Your Eye Exam?

During your eye exam, your optometrist will conduct a thorough screening of your vision using a visual acuity test. We’ll also look at the structures of your eyes close up. We use several types of tests to estimate the condition of your eyes. Specifically, we are looking for eye diseases and other eye conditions that warrant treatment now. This may include:

  • Glaucoma - This age-related eye condition develops quickly and often suddenly. Our goal is to look for any early signs of glaucoma. Because it impacts your peripheral vision, you may notice some shadows in the outside portion of your vision. This condition can lead to loss of vision.
  • Macular Degeneration -The most common eye disease to cause vision loss in older people is macular degeneration. In this condition, the macula, or the very center portion of your retina, begins to fail. Early detection may allow your eye doctor to prevent worsening of your vision.
  • Cataracts - When the proteins normally found in your eye lens begin to clump, another common occurrence as you get older, it can cause a film to develop over the lens. This limits your vision. It is treatable, in most people, if the cataracts are caught early enough.

If you already have any of these eye conditions or you have a family history of eye disease, we recommend ongoing appointments and screenings with your eye doctor. Our goal is to detect these conditions early, prevent them from worsening whenever possible, and to provide you with access to advanced treatments. Starting at age 40, you will be forced to focus on your eye care.

Schedule an Appointment for an Eye Test with Your Optometrist in Amarillo

Now is the time to schedule the eye test you need. Meet with your optometrist in Amarillo today to discuss your vision needs. Contact EyeCare Plus at 806-358-3594.

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