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Eye Care Technology in Amarillo

If you are looking for the highest quality eye care, you want to come to Eye Care Plus to find your new eye doctor in Amarillo. Our doctors and staff alike are all committed to providing you with the highest quality in care. We know you trust us, and we take that seriously. We promise to prove your trust in us is well-placed by providing you with the best vision care in the Amarillo area, using the latest technology, the best products, and the high quality of personal, customized service you would expect from an eye care provider who is known for excellence.

eye care technology

New Eye Care Technology Offers Exciting Treatment Options from our Amarillo Optometrist

When you come to see your new optometrist in Amarillo at Eye Care Plus, you will find that we offer the newest, most cutting-edge, and best in eye care technology to give you the best results possible in any treatment you may need. This is true whether you need specialized eye care or just a simple annual exam.

Some of the technologies you will find at Eye Care Plus when you come for your Amarillo eye exam include:

Diopsys VEP/ERG--This exciting new machine measures the neurological response of the visual pathway all along the entire length of the optic nerve. It can be used to diagnose a variety of eye diseases and conditions, including:

  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Toxic retinopathy
  • Diabetic retinopathy

Optos--This is a laser that can look inside of the eye and get a full picture of what is going on in there. You can use Optos instead of dilation, which many patients prefer. After all, dilation is the part of an eye exam that most people like the least, and some people may even put off coming in for an exam because they don't want to be dilated. With Optus, they don't have to, and can still get the same high-quality diagnostic experience.

B-Scan--This is an ophthalmic ultrasound that has all kinds of diagnostic application for the eyes without being invasive or painful, and without the need for dilation. It is the highest in diagnostic technology for the eyes.

I-Care Tonometer--This measures intraocular pressure for diagnosing glaucoma. It is an easier and less invasive machine to use, and most people who can't tolerate the usual glaucoma testing methods can usually allow this machine to be used on them with no difficulty.

Quantify MPOD--This measures the macular pigment and has a good range of diagnostic applications.

These are just a few examples of the types of technology we use here. Visit us to discover more.

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Contact us to discuss your eye care needs and the exciting treatment options we offer. While we have you on the phone, schedule your introductory appointment with us and get a consultation to make a comprehensive eye care treatment plan customized just for you. You can contact us at 806-358-3594.

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