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Reducing Eye Wrinkles with Pelleve at EyeCare Plus in Amarillo, TX

As time passes, skin tends to reduce the amount of collagen being produced, resulting in your face losing its firmness and laxity. Evidence of aging includes crow’s feet and other wrinkles, with a sense of your life experience being etched into your face. For those patients who are in search of a non-surgical approach to smoothing out the lines in their face, Pelleve may be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

Reducing Eye Wrinkles with Pelleve at EyeCare Plus in Amarillo, TX

What Is Pelleve?

Pelleve bills itself as a wrinkle reduction system. It is designed for patients who do not want to undergo being cut by a surgeon’s knife just to change their appearance. A trained professional uses Pelleve, a non-invasive radiofrequency solution, by holding a GlideSafe handpiece to gradually bring radiofrequency energy through your skin into the dermis.

Is it Safe?

Pelleve has been approved by the FDA for use in the United States since 2009 as a safe solution to the problem people have with eye wrinkles and crows feet. By heating the dermal area with the GlideSafe unit, the body’s natural response kicks in to protect and heal the tissue, growing brand new collagen. This is a much safer procedure than being cut with a surgical knife. Anyone who prefers a natural approach to combat signs of aging will want to consider using Pelleve.

How Often Do I Need Treatment?

Each patient will have a different situation, of course. For about 1-3 days after the procedure, you will experience a post-treatment glow in the area where the solution was applied. In about 4-15 days following treatment, the natural reaction of your body to heal will begin. And from about 15 days and onward, there will be a post-treatment period during which collagen is synthesized. Regrowth of collagen can persist for weeks or months following treatment. 

With that in mind, it is recommended that you come in for 3 to 5 treatments spaced about 4 weeks apart from one another to get the full benefits of the collagen rebuilding in your face. Your doctor will discuss with you in detail the most appropriate amount of time for your particular treatment.

Set an Appointment for Pelleve with Your Preferred Optometrist Today

Taking steps to look better using a non-invasive skin smoothing solution like Pelleve will help you to feel as good as you look. Our team has years of experience using Pelleve and we welcome the opportunity to provide treatment to you.

If you have any questions about whether Pelleve is right for you or if you are now ready to set an appointment, contact the friendly professionals at EyeCare Plus in Amarillo, TX today.



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