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Glaucoma Services from Your Amarillo Optometrist

Glaucoma is a progressive disease that can eventually rob individuals of their sight.  Patients who visit our EyeCare Plus practice in Amarillo receive screenings for this and other eye diseases.  Our optometrists provide a customized plan to treat each patient they diagnose with this problem.

diagram comparing glaucoma and a regular eye

Overview of the Glaucoma

There is no cure for glaucoma.  It develops when fluid within an eye causes excessive pressure on the optic nerve.  Failure of the eye’s aqueous humor to circulate as it should causes elevated pressure in the eye. 

Some patients have a family history of this disorder.  Other causes include:

  • Injury caused by a chemical or by force
  • Specific inflammatory conditions
  • Blood vessels that become blocked
  • Infection

Although it is rare, sometimes surgery not related to the disorder causes it.

Most patients experience the disease in both eyes.  In some cases, it affects one eye more severely than the other.  An eye doctor’s goal in treating the disorder is preserving the optimal amount of the patient’s vision.

The two main types of this disease are open-angle and angle-closure.  Open-angle is by far the more common.  Healthcare providers distinguish between the two kinds based on the reason why the patient has inadequate drainage from the eye.

The typical patient is older than 40.  African-Americans and those with Irish, Japanese, Russian, Inuit, Scandinavian, or Hispanic ancestry face elevated risk for developing this disease.  Taking corticosteroids, experiencing prior trauma to the eye, poor sight, and suffering from diabetes are also risk factors.

Often patients receive a diagnosis only when the disease is advanced.  The earliest symptom is typically peripheral vision loss.  Other signs include blurry vision, headaches, eye pain, noting halos around lights, and cloudy-looking eyes.

Treatment Options from Our Optometry Practice

A diagnosis is the result of a comprehensive eye exam and evaluating certain tests.  Glaucoma patients require lifelong treatment to reduce intraocular pressure and help prevent impairment of the optic nerve. 

Our doctor of optometry notes that the standard management options include medicated eye drops, systemic medications, and glasses for vision correction.  Laser surgery to reduce pressure in an affected eye is also an option for serious cases.

Early diagnosis can help delay progression of this incurable disorder.  Successfully controlling the patient’s eye pressure can stop or at least slow damage to the optic nerve.

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Take proactive steps to preserve optimal vision for life with regular exams from our Amarillo doctors of optometry.  Our EyeCare Plus practice offers advanced vision technology plus personalized, compassionate family eye care.  Be sure to call us today at 806-358-3594 to schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists.

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