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Eye Infections

Eye Infections Treated by Our Optometrists in Amarillo

If harmful bacteria, viruses, or fungi find their way into your eye or the surrounding sensitive areas, you may develop an eye infection. Visit EyeCare Plus in Amarillo for an eye exam right away if you suspect you have an eye infection. Our eye doctors can diagnose, manage, and treat your condition effectively to eliminate the infection and restore your health.


Types of Eye Infections Treated by Our Amarillo Eye Doctors

Eye infections can be viral, bacterial, or fungal in nature. Some examples include:

  • Conjunctivitis - Also known as pink eye, this highly contagious eye infection spreads rapidly among children at schools and daycare centers. This condition can have either a viral or bacterial origin.
  • Ocular herpes - This viral eye infection, or viral keratitis, can develop in people with the Herpes simplex virus.
  • Fungal keratitis - Eye infections caused by fungi occur when organic matter enters your system. For instance, using contaminated contact solution or being scratched by something organic, like a tree branch, can cause fungal keratitis.
  • Acanthamoeba keratitis - Parasites can also cause sight-threatening eye infections called Acanthamoeba keratitis. Contact lens wearers may be exposed to these parasites while swimming. To reduce the risk, you should remove your lenses before getting in the water or disinfect them immediately afterward.

Signs & Symptoms of an Eye Infection

While there are various types of eye infections, they share many of the same symptoms. Here’s what to watch out for:

  • Red, swollen eyes
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Dry eyes
  • Discomfort and pain
  • Eye discharge
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Blurry vision

If you experience these symptoms of an eye infection, refrain from wearing contact lenses until you visit an eye doctor near Amarillo and receive the proper eye care for your condition.

How Our Optometrists Diagnoses, Manages & Treats Eye Infections

Different types of infections require unique eye care, so your optometrist must diagnose the condition first to ensure effective treatment. This may involve taking a sample from the affected area of your eye and examining it in a lab. Once your optometrist makes an accurate diagnosis, management and treatment techniques can begin. These may include:

  • Prescription antibiotic eye drops or ointments - These usually clear up the most common bacterial eye infections, including pink eye, with no lasting damage or vision loss.
  • Prescription antiviral or steroid eye drops - Many common viral infections resolve themselves, but in severe cases, prescription medication may be needed to clear up the infection and reduce inflammation.
  • Warm compresses, eyelid cleaners, and lid massages - These techniques help to manage eye inflammation until antibiotic or antiviral treatments clear up the infection.

Visit Our Eye Doctors near Amarillo for Eye Infection Treatment Today!

We want to help you return to full health by clearing up your eye infection as quickly as possible. Self-diagnosis can delay effective treatment and potentially harm your sight, so visit EyeCare Plus and meet with our eye doctors near Amarillo. We’ll provide the eye care you need to clear up your infection. Contact us at 806-370-2680 to schedule an eye exam with our Amarillo optometrist today!

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