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Cosmetic Optometry

Looking Younger with Non-invasive Cosmetic Optometry Procedures

Did you know that a trip to the optometrist’s office can not only improve how you see the world (with new contacts or eyeglasses), it can also help to change your appearance for the better? Looking younger is definitely easier when you have optometry professionals assisting you. We’re not just talking about how a new pair of eyeglass frames will look with your favorite outfit. There are a number of procedures that your preferred optometrist in Amarillo, TX can help you with.

Non-invasive Cosmetic Optometry.

If you are interested in improving your appearance with the help of a cosmetic professional that focuses on non-invasive procedures, you’ve come to the right place! At EyeCare Plus, we have years of experience helping patients look and feel their best. Many of our female clients contact us when they have a goal of looking younger, to help them restore their youthful confidence.

Benefits of Our Cosmetic Optometry Services

Anyone who is hoping to make a change in her appearance without having to resort to the knife of a plastic surgeon will be glad to know that a range of cosmetic optometry services are available here at EyeCare Plus.

We offer tattoo eye makeup for those patients who are interested in a dramatic change to their appearance that will remain even when they wash their face at the end of the night. If you dislike applying makeup every day, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

We Have Experience in Cosmetic Optometry to Help You Look Your Best

Our optometrists have a great deal of experience in testing female clients’ vision for prescribing cosmetic lenses. People who want to celebrate by going to a party with a new eye color will enjoy how easy it is to adjust their appearance simply by putting in new contacts.

Keep in mind that all contact lenses, including those for cosmetic purposes are actually classified as medical devices. As such, they require a current prescription and should be dispensed only by optometry professionals. Do not risk ordering cosmetic contacts via the Internet, as your eye safety would be at risk.

Many patients are interested in regaining a youthful appearance, which is easily achieved with eyelid lifts. Another aspect of cosmetic optometry that we help patients with is eyelash extensions, which will give your lashes a fuller look and improve your glamour.

Despite the passage of time, we can help you by smoothing skin, which is our approach to giving patients less wrinkly eye skin in our warm and caring environment. Firmer skin is a sign of youth that you’ll enjoy once again.

Get a New Look: Book an Appointment at EyeCare Plus Today!

Your desire for less wrinkly eye skin can be met thanks to the help of our talented staff. Whether you are in need of firmer skin or help with smoothing skin, you can rely on us. We are experts in tattoo eye makeup, helping patients select dramatic looking cosmetic lenses and have years of experience applying eyelash extensions. For details on how we approach cosmetic optometry or to book an appointment, connect with EyeCare Plus today.



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