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The dedicated doctors and staff at EyeCare Plus are honored that you have put your trust in us. We pledge to provide you with unparalled vision care through the latest technology and products with the highest level service you and your family deserve. We are committed to your vision care and quality of life. We pride ourselves in helping you see better today and preserving that vision for your future.

Welcome to EyeCare Plus
Your Optometrist in Amarillo, TX

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We're delighted that you're visiting the official website for EyeCare Plus, your new one-stop resource for Amarillo eye care. We offer a wide range of services for patients in Amarillo, Dumas, Dalhart, Pampa, Clarendon and surrounding areas. We know that you seek the highest standard of eye health and clear vision for yourself and your loved ones, and we're honored to be able to fulfill that need in your life. We know you'll be impressed both with our state-of-the-art technologies and our caring, compassionate attitude.

Services Offered at Our Amarillo Optometry

Dr. Pathapati, Dr. Jentzen, and Dr. Pylant lead our experienced EyeCare Plus staff in maintaining this standard of excellence. Our Amarillo optometrists can provide you with routine family eye care, diagnose any diseases and disorders and prescribe the appropriate treatment or correction.You and your loved ones will benefit from such important services as:

  • Eye Exam - A regular eye exam is critical for catching any issues related to eye health or function. We can evaluate factors such as eye teaming and coordination, focus, color detection while checking for issues such as strabismus or ambylopia ("lazy eye").

  • Comprehensive Vision Testing - Vision testing can reveal how clear your vision is at various simulated distances. If you exhibit signs of a refractive disorder such as nearsightedness or farsightedness, we can use a device called a phoroprter to find your vision correction prescription.

  • Glasses and Contact Lenses - We offer high-quality glasses and contact lens options for our patients, from simple single-vision lenses to multifocals that correct for presbyopia. A separate contact lens exam allows your Amarillo eye doctor to ensure an accurate contact lens fitting.

  • Children's Vision Screening - Children need eye exams and vision screenings to ensure that their vision develops normally and to help them perform well in school. Your child's Amarillo optometrist can provide these essential services.

  • Dry Eye Syndrome Evaluation and Treatment - Dry eye syndrome can cause eye irritation, itching, redness and possibly even corneal damage. We can evaluate your eyes for signs of this problem and recommend treatments and lifestyle changes as needed.

  • Eye Infection Care - Eye infections such as conjunctivitis can cause serious discomfort while interfering with clear vision. We can examine your infected eye and prescribe antibiotics, eyedrops or other treatments.

  • Lasik Evaluation - If you'd like to permanently correct your vision through LASIK surgery, we can help determine whether you're a good candidate and perform all the necessary initial evaluations.

  • Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT lenses) - CRT lenses can actually reshape your corneas (temporarily) while you sleep. This allows you to enjoy clear daytime vision with no corrective lenses.

  • Low Vision Exam - If you're experiencing low vision, we can run specific tests to check for diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Your Amarillo Eye Doctor Wants to Meet You

Call (806) 358-3594 to schedule an initial visit with your new Amarillo eye doctor at EyeCare Plus. We want to meet you!

Amarillo Optometrist | EyeCare Plus | 806-358-3594
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Amarillo, TX 79109

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Meet The Doctors

  • Dr. Jentzen
    Doctor Jentzen began practicing in Texas with Amarillo Eye Associates and later went into solo practice in Pampa and Borger, Texas. He moved with his family to practice in Amarillo in 2001. In 2006 Doctor Jentzen and Doctor Pathapati joined forces and founded EyeCare Plus, LLP. In that time, the practice has experienced tremendous growth of services provided and offered to patients seeking excellence in eye care.
  • Dr. Pathapati
    Dr. Pathapati Received her Optometry degree from the University of New York. She is dedicated to her practice and constantly striving to improve. She loves to cook, run, travel and spend time with her family.
  • Dr. Pylant
    Dr. Pylant passionately views vision health care as more than just seeing clearly but rather managing the overall health of each patient’s eyes. She embraces the challenge of vision protection andpreservation through utilization of current technologies and scientific research.


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  • "Dr. Pathapati and her staff are excellent! I have been her patient for several years and always appreciate her attention to detail. She exceeds in using research and new instruments that will benefit her patients."
    Sheryl L.
  • "Everyone is very friendly!"
    Sophia M.
  • "Best experience I've ever had in my eye care history. I'm not going anywhere else again and will recommend you every chance I get."
    Cindy Pavillard
  • "I was very impressed with the service and friendly atmosphere I received. Dr. Pathapati was very thorough in explaining the procedures she performed."
    Glenda Ray
  • "I would not go to another eye doctor. I have worn glasses since I was 8 years old and Dr. Jentzen has been the only eye Dr. that has really taken care of my eye problems. His staff is courteous from the front desk, techs, opticians to the check out desk."
    Darla Seager
  • "Great Optometrist. The staff is wonderful. Would refer them to anyone."
    George V.
  • "Everyone in the office was kind and very professional, no long wait..a pleasant experience."
    Carmen V.
  • "My first time to see Dr. Jaya Pathapati and it was a great experience. She explained everything detail by detail and no other eye doctor had done that. I will be back to see her!!"
    Norma L.
  • "Friendly staff, thorough exam, good experience."
    Jacqueline D.
  • "Check-in was quick. Did not have to sit in waiting room very long. However, regular procedure had to changed when someone else was doing pre-testing at that moment. Taken to a temporary room to have vital signs checked, then back out to pre-testing, then back in the room to wait for another one to become available, then wait some more. Dr. Jentzen was as friendly as usual. The exam did not take long. Overall, however, the visit was less efficient than normal."
    John R.
  • "Dr. Pathapati and her staff are amazing and very patient with my active 3 year old! It's always a wonderful experience, I would trust no one else but her to help with mine and my families vision!"
    Jaxson M.
  • "I always enjoy seeing everyone at Eye Care plus!!! Everyone is so friendly and genuinely cares about my eye health!!! I and my son have been coming for several years!!! I would highly recommend Eye Care Plus to anyone!!! Dr. P. is wonderful and genuinely concerned about my eyes!!! I hope in the near future to be able to purchase the glasses we both need!!!😊😊😊"
    Dendee W.
  • "All employees that I encountered on my visit were courteous and helpful."
    Dana E.

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